Tokyo Hentai Club

Agreement Form

I have not consumed any illegal substances.

There are no other people, and there is no concealed recording equipment in my room.

I am not in possession of any S&M equipment, such as rope or handcuffs.

I do not have any infectious or sexually transmissible diseases, and I have taken care of my personal hygiene in preparation for the appointment.

During the session, it is strictly prohibited for the cutomers to let girls drink alcohol. No exception. We do allow non-alcoholic beverage such as tea and water.

Please refrain from attempting or requesting full sexual intercourse, and negotiating or haggling.

Please refrain from violent acts and or language against the girl.

Please refrain from involving any third parties, and refrain from exceeding the scheduled time.

People under the age of 18, high school students are not allowed.

People involved in organized crime groups or related to such are not allowed.

People involved in the consumption of drugs and other illegal substances are not allowed.

If the violation of any of the above terms is revealed, we will stop the service immediately.

Please note that a refund will not be provided in such case.

In addition, please note that if we determine that such is necessary we will report illegal or harmful behavior to the police as well as requiring payment for damages.

By reading this, you agree to our terms and conditions